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MicroPublisher 6 CCD

The MicroPublisher 6 color microscope camera delivers high quality color images with a large field of view and monochrome fluorescence capability. 6 Megapixel; Large Field Of View; Color/Fluorescence Imaging.

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    • The MicroPublisher 6 CCD camera is a great solution for high resolution color microscopy imaging. This 6 megapixel camera delivers high quality color images with a large field of view and accurate color representation. Connects easily through high speed USB 3.0. 6 Megapixel; Large Field Of View; Color Imaging.


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      Color and Fluorescence Imaging

      The MicroPublisher 6 delivers highly accurate color images using a Bayer filter array.

      The camera is also capable of performing high quality fluorescence imaging, a typically challenging task for a color camera. The high quantum efficiency and low noise of the MicroPublisher 6 make monochrome fluorescence imaging equally possible.


      Large Field Of View

      The MicroPublisher 6 delivers a large, 16 mm diagonal field of view designed to increase throughput and maximize the amount of data captured in a single frame.

      Image larger samples or increase throughput by imaging multiple cells at once, a larger field of view increases visible sample area.


      Simple Installation

      The MicroPublisher 6 delivers data over the simple, versatile and high-speed USB 3.0 interface. This standard, accepted interface is present on most modern computers, simplifying connectivity.

      The MicroPublisher 6 is also supported on the latest Windows operating systems ensuring modern system compatibility.

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