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High Magnification / Motor-drive Micromanipulator

EMM2 3-axis Motorized Micromanipulator
UST-3A Joint Attachment

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    • EMM2 3-axis Motorized Micromanipulator (Non-compatible with CE marking; cannot be sold in Europe)

      Advanced motorized micromanipulator with smooth, hydraulic-type movement.

      While a hydraulic system permits smoothly operable fine movement, some users voice their concerns about drift occurrence caused by temperature changes. This motorized micromanipulator, designed for use not only by professionals but also by novice users, ensures stability and is resistant to drift occurrence. The minimum graduation is 5 nano meter. The driving distance on each axis is displayed with coordinates from arbitrary zero point determined, and the coordinate of 4th axis (tilted/diagonal axis) will be displayed by entering the actual angle.


      UST-3A Joint Attachment

      Convenient replacement of electrode for EMM2.

      The UST-3A joint attachment is designed for the holder mount of the solid universal joint (UST-3) to be conveniently situated toward the front. It is much easier to replace electrodes of the micromanipulator (EMM2 / NMN-21). Two-point support of its pivot and fixing section enables the joint attachment to be kept movable yet highly stable.

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