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About Us

UNICAM Hungary Ltd.
Phone: 1-2215536
Fax: 1-2215543
Company registration number: 12345-543-21
ISO qualification: ISO 9001

Unicam Hungary Ltd. was founded in 1993 (Registration No.: 0109265080). At the time of the foundation the major role of the company was to distribute and service products manufactured or sold under OEM contracts by Unicam Ltd., Cambridge, UK.  This product range was already quite broad and covered most of the laboratory instruments including UV/visible, infrared, atomic absorption, ICP optical emission and X-ray spectroscopy techniques, HPLC, GC, GC/MS and electrochemistry. As a consequence our company has always been considered to be a general supplier of laboratory equipment capable of delivering complete solutions even for new laboratories or large multi instrument/multi site projects. Our company still service and maintain the whole range of these equipment.

After the acquisition of Unicam/UK by Thermo Electron Corporation (now Thermo Scientific), the product line of Unicam Hungary Ltd. had been restructured and supplemented mostly from the Thermo Scientific family.

The product line was later extended by the Olympus microscopes that is an excellent fit to the Thermo Scientific microscopy range (FTIR, Raman). Since then Unicam Hungay Ltd. offers the broadest light microscopy range in Hungary.

Unicam Hungary Ltd. represents the following companies and products:

Thermo Scientific

– AAS, ICP-OES and ICP/MS spectrometers
– UV/VIS spectrometers
– Automated discrete and FIA analyzers
– Bench top mid and near FTIR and Raman spectrometers, accessories
– IR and Raman microscopes and accessories
– Handheld X-ray, NIR and Raman analyzers
– Desktop NMR spectrometers
– TS, TX, AOX, CHNS elemental analyzers
– GC and GC/MSn (single and triple quad, Orbitrap)
– Analytical HPLC, nano-HPLC
– HPLC/MSn (ion traps, single and triple quads, Orbitraps)
– GC and HPLC consumables
– Ion chromatographs
– Sample preparation equipment (SPE, ASE, etc.) for GC, HPLC
– Electrochemistry and small laboratory items


– Life science and industrial microscopes, cameras and related accessories

iX Cameras:

– High speed industrial cameras
– Colorimeters

PS Analytical

– Atomic fluorescence analyzers for hydride forming 
elements (As, Se, Sn, etc.) and mercury

The company philosophy of Unicam Hungary Ltd. is to offer complete solutions for the analytical problems of our customers, including technical consulting, providing the necessary instrumentation and carrying out after sales service during the warranty period and thereafter – if requested as well in the form of yearly maintenance contracts.

Unicam Hungary Ltd. is well established in the analytical instrument market of Hungary. Among others it has a great number of customers working in the following fields:

– Environmental laboratories
– Water laboratories
– Food control laboratories, agriculture
– Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
– Car and metal industry
– Electronics industry
– Research centers (chemical, material and life science)
– Education and university research
– Quality control agencies, etc.

To provide best quality support to its customers Unicam Hungary Ltd. achieved ISO9001 qualification both for sales and service of analytical instruments already in 2000 and has been holding it successfully since then.

Unicam Hungary is among the top three analytical instrument suppliers in Hungary.